Build Process

Three Stages of Development

Choose Your Car

First identify the year/make/model of car that you would like converted and we’ll find the chassis. Whether it’s been in a barn for 50 years or already restored and up for auction, whatever the circumstance, we will track one down and arrange for transportation to our facility.

Once the chassis is on site, any components related to the internal combustion engine will be removed. Existing body damage will be repaired and customizations required for the electrical components will be added if necessary.

Electric Conversion

This is where we take the restored chassis and retrofit it with the latest in cutting edge motors, batteries, chargers, and controllers.

Before anything is installed, the components and chassis are first 3D modeled to ensure all components will fit correctly and are installed in optimal locations. The components are then thoroughly tested in our labs to ensure everything is working as expected.

Finally, all components are mounted on the vehicle frame and once the connections are made, the vehicle will be brought back to life.

The Finishing Touches

Once the vehicle is operational again, the focus shifts to the interior and exterior. Whatever color of high-end leather you want, whatever digital gauge or touchscreen you want, whatever paint color you want, this is where it happens. Whether the car is being restored to it’s factory interior or a completely new customization, the choice is yours.

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