Modern electric cars can be sleek and stylish but can also lack the character of vehicles from the past.

Breathe new life into your favorite cars of all time by retrofitting them with high performance EV components.


Products like phones, cars, and appliances are now designed to be disposable.  It’s a great business model to generate future revenue for the manufacturers but many of these companies are also actively trying to prevent you from fixing a product that you own.

We support the Right to Repair movement to help encourage companies to stop shutting out private mechanics and technicians from parts suppliers and technical details.


Each project is designed from scratch to produce high precision 3D CAD models of the vehicle and the new electrical components.

This allows us to evaluate how the new parts should be mounted on the vehicle chassis so everything fits optimally.

Top Performance

When converting the vehicle to electric, performance is a top priority.  Many times the OEM parts will not be compatible with the added power that the EV motor delivers so we work closely with specialists in braking, steering, and suspension to ensure the final product is optimal.

Proven Technology

We use the highest quality and most reliable motors, controllers, and batteries.  All while  constantly evaluating the latest breakthroughs in the EV industry so that we are never using obsolete parts.


When converting the vehicle to electric, safety comes first.  Inertia switches are added to disable the electricity in the event of an accident and all stock components are verified to be compatible with the new EV equipment.

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