1987 Suzuki Samurai JX

Job Description

This Suzuki Samurai was stripped down to the frame including the full removal of the stock engine and all ICE related components like the gas tank and carburetor.

The interior was first sprayed with a bedliner material and then upholstered in black leather and premium carpet.  The silver exterior was repainted in a gloss black with chrome accents.

The transmission was left in the vehicle to retain the reverse gear and the classic feel of a manual transmission.  A custom 144V LiPo Battery Bank was fabricated to power the 1000A controller and Warp DC Motor.

For more details, visit the full Samurai2 website.

Projects Details

  • HP: 158 (Originally 60)
  • Torque: 237 ft lbs (Originally 76)
  • Range: 77 miles
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